How to unlock the Amrita Pool in Genshin Impact

As you’re exploring the Realm of Farakhkhert and Gavireh Lajavard, the new Sumeru areas released in Genshin Impact patch 3.6, you may come across Plumes of Purifying Light, a new collectible. The plumes can be turned into the Amrita Pool, similar to the Tree of Dreams of Sumeru and the Grand Narukami Shrine of Inazuma, to receive rewards such as primogems, mora, a namecard, and more.

How to unlock the Amrita Pool in Genshin Impact

Graphic: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Source Image: Hoyoverse

You must first complete the world quest “The Splendrous Sky That Day,” which is part of the “Khvarena of Good and Evil” quest chain. Once completed, you’ll unlock the “Heart of Amrita” quest, which will take you to this location.

  1. Travel to a nearby waypoint such as the Statue of the Seventh to the north or the teleport waypoint to the east.
  2. Enter the cave located to the north of underground waypoint.
  3. Continue through the cave until you meet Fedhri, who is sitting next to a pool of water.
  4. Interact with Fedhri and complete their dialogue options to unlock the Amrita Pool.

The Amrita Pool offers six levels of rewards with each level requiring six Plumes of Purifying Light. Turn in 36 plumes to receive every “Gift of Amrita” which includes a namecard, primogems, mora, Hero’s wit, and character materials.

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