Identity management firm Cerbos has a new cloud service

$7.5 million in seed funding is hoped to take Cerbos Cloud from private beta to full availability and beyond.

Cerbos has announced a new control plane for its open-source permission and authorization software delivered via cloud hosting, which it will call Cerbos Cloud, designed to “streamline the development, testing and distribution of authorization policies.”

Currently available in private beta format, it promises a managed CI/CD pipeline that should allow developers to focus on their core product.

The announcement (opens in new tab) also details the company’s seed funding and expectations for healthy growth to continue in the years to come.

Cerbos Cloud

Cerbos appeals to admins who need to set up different authorizations for workers based on various factors, such as their seniority, whether they’re working remotely or on a secured network, and even their location.

The UK-based company offers a scalable solution that can adapt to different software and is available on a global level, promising to get users set up in “minutes rather than weeks” all over the world, including the US, Turkey, and New Zealand.

Cerbos co-founder and CEO Emre Baran told TechCrunch (opens in new tab): “What Cerbos Cloud unlocks is the ability to collaborate and iterate faster on policy development using visual tools and the ability to distribute optimized policy bundles to your fleet with low-latency and high-visibility.”

An OMERS Ventures seed round also saw the company raise $7.5 million from angel investors, bringing its total figure to $11 million since its inception in 2021.

While the previous round of funding, totaling $3.5 million, laid the foundations for the company to develop its cloud platform, this year’s greatly increased figure is aimed at moving the platform from private beta to full commercial availability, with plans to also draw up an enterprise-grade service in the future.

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