Lofi Girl didn’t disappear, she introduced Synthwave Boy

We finally have an answer to “what happened to Lofi Girl?”: She’s made a new friend! There’s a brand new channel, now with a new Lofi Boy. Though that’s not quite accurate, because his channel is synthwave.

Let’s back up. On April 10, the Lofi Girl disappeared, and left just an empty window and some weird clues. These included a slow zoom on the blinking blue light of a window in the distance, and a teased April 11 reveal. While the lofi beats continued uninterrupted, the internet was in a frenzy trying to figure out what the mystery added up to.

And at 1 p.m. EDT on the dot — as promised by the countdown clock — we got the reveal: a new person entering the purple-hued room, letting his dog climb on the desk to fall asleep, and getting down to his work. When he settled the stream finally revealed its new name, “synthwave radio – beats to chill/game to.”

Considering the alternatives — the Polygon team ruminated on a potential NFT reveal, or a Taken-style Lofi Girl rescue plot — it’s for the best that what we get is new music and new ways to chill(/game). Also, a Taken plot would be missing the point of these channels: to focus on games or studying or relaxing. Now that Lofi Girl and Synthwave Boy are both safely nestled in their rooms everybody can breathe easy and get back to work.

And fear not, their little universe is still connected. You can see Synthwave Boy’s blue-lit window in the background of Lofi Girl’s view, and you can just make out the outlines of her well-lit window in his. There is finally peace in the lofi world again.

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