Microsoft Hololens 2 is still here, and is even getting a Windows 11 upgrade

Microsoft reckons Hololens 2 still has its place in the technological revolution of industries, now powered by Windows 11.

Microsoft is still banking on a industrial technological revolution that’s set to fundamentally change sectors like manufacturing and healthcare, and it reckons mixed reality is at the forefront.

Remote collaboration, 3D visualization, and AI-based predictions are some of the things that are set to change how we work, and Microsoft hopes that its Hololens 2 headset can still play a role.

The mixed reality headset, which the company launched prior to the pandemic, is finally getting a software update in the form of Windows 11, several months after the computer-focused operating system launched.

Windows 11 for Hololens 2

Previously limited to a variant of Windows 10, the free upgrade is hoped to bring numerous security benefits and new features along with continued support for monthly security servicing updates.

Some up-and-coming tools are also making their way into the OS in preview format ahead of a full release, including Edge WebView2 control.

Users can head to Settings > Update & Security > Check for Updates to migrate to Windows 11, however the company describes the update as “optional” and encourages users to remain on Windows 10 “if they prefer” – a totally different approach compared with the desktop OS which the company has been pushing since its launch.

On the whole, development of the headset has been pretty slow with numerous challenges faced along the way. Earlier this year, the US Congress approved funding to develop an improved Hololens for the US Army after concerns about usability, while plans for Microsoft to create a third generation were reportedly halted ahead of layoffs and financial cutbacks that affected the project’s workers.

That said, despite the sudden success in artificial intelligence kickstarted by the launch of ChatGPT, companies like Meta continue to be devoted to mixed reality. As a result, Microsoft’s continued work could land it in pole position if and when headsets finally have their age.

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