Opera browser’s free VPN is now available for iOS users

Users of the Opera browser are now covered by its free integrated VPN on all major platforms.

Award-winning browser Opera has rolled out its integrated VPN to iOS devices in a move that sees virtually all Opera users covered by the additional privacy measure, free of charge.

While a built-in, free VPN has formed part of the desktop and Android versions for a long time, iPhone users – who make up over a quarter of the market (via Statcounter (opens in new tab)) – have been left behind, instead having to download a third-party VPN if they want the privilege.

The built-in toggle switch allows users to enable a VPN for free straight from the browser, instead of having to manually connect with another app, though it only covers activity within the Opera browser itself.

Opera VPN for iOS

As part of the addition, users get access to three general locations and more than 100 high-speed servers, opening up unlimited bandwidth and offering no data cap. Traffic is also encrypted and a user’s IP address kept secret, while Opera promises not to log any personal data or information related to your browsing history or actual network address.

Beyond the VPN, Opera features an in-house ad blocker and works with Apple’s native Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

At the same time, the company is rolling out tweaks to its bookmarks interface and adding live sports scores to the browser’s homepage.

We checked version 3.6.0 of the app and found ‘VPN (Early Access)’ to be available in the settings menu, however Opera says that rollout could take time so some users may not have access just yet.

Beyond its free service, Opera offers a Pro version of its VPN with more than 30 unique locations and over 3,000 high-speed servers. It also unlocks live chat support channels for customers and access to the connection anywhere on the device (not just the browser), on up to six devices. It costs $7.99 per month on a rolling subscription, $4.99 on a six-month plan or $3.99 on a one-year plan.

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