The best Minecraft Legends improvements to choose first

In Minecraft Legends, improvements are key to success in your building endeavors. Introduced as a fancy name for upgrades, improvements do everything from unlocking new resource types to increasing the number of units you can have wandering around with you — and more.

If you’re wondering what the best improvements in Minecraft Legends are, don’t fret, as we’ve scrounged the overworld looking for the most optimal picks to prioritize first and foremost.

How improvements work in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, improvements are structures you build at the Well of Fate, which unlock all sorts of upgrades. From gathering new resource types to increasing your building or gathering capabilities, improvements are a key part of your experience in the campaign.

Whenever you’re at the Well of Fate, you can open the songbook to see all of the improvements that are available. Some will appear on your hotbar by default, but you can swap between them from the songbook menu.

Improvements are placed around the pillars surrounding the Well of Fate.
Image: Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive/Xbox Game Studios

A few tips: Once you first get a gathering improvement, you’ll receive a small batch of it as a freebie. In addition, unlocking improvements also make it so the resource will start appearing in village chests or allay chests around the world. This can be helpful for materials like redstone or diamonds, since they tend to be hard to find and generally exist in small batches.

If you change your mind about an improvement, you can simply get near the structure you placed and remove it. You’ll recoup the exact number of resources you spent, which is nice.

An easy way of knowing whether or not you have enough resources is to check the songbook. If the colors of an improvement are greyed out, that means you’re missing something

Lastly, if you’re wondering what “each additional improvement” means, that’s basically a term for upgrading the improvement in question. In order to do so, you need to place another one of the same type, or as many as you want, to get the additional benefit on top of the base one.

Best Minecraft Legends improvements to choose first

Once you gain access to improvements in Minecraft Legends, you’ll likely be struck by indecision. Resources are scarce — prismarine in particular — and it’s not possible to unlock several facilities at once. As such, below is a suggested order of what you should unlock first, though your priorities might differ depending on your playstyle.

Here are the best Minecraft Legends improvements to pick first:

Improvement: Allay Storage

Requirements: 100 stone, 100 prismarine, 10 gold

This improvement increases the amount of resources you can carry. In other words, you’ll be able build more structures and spawn more mobs than you can by default.

From there, each additional Allay Storage improvement that you place will allow you to carry +500 wood, +500 stone, +150 lapis, +150 prismarine, and +150 gold. But having just one will already make a difference, and you can move onto other, more pressing improvements.

Improvement: Gather Coal

Requirements: 100 stone, 100 prismarine

Following the campaign will lead you to get the improvement to gather iron. That said, you shouldn’t overlook the one for coal. There are plenty of spots in the overworld to gather it, and you’re bound to stumble upon them often.

Having a sizable amount of coal will always come in handy, especially as it’s the resource that allows you to summon creepers, which are a helpful unit to have due to their explosive nature. Remember that you first need to interact with the Creeper Homestead, and rescue them after they’re occupied by Piglins.

Improvement: Gather Redstone

Requirements: 100 stone, 100 prismarine

Redstone is helpful for many structures, starting with the Redstone Launcher, and it’s definitely worth prioritizing. In addition, having the upgrade enables a chance for chests located in swam and allay chests to have redstone inside them.

This improvement also lets you summon zombies. Remember that in order to do so, you first need to interact with the Zombie Homestead, and rescue them after they’re occupied by Piglins.

The hero is surrounded by an army of skeleton archers in Minecraft Legends

Skeletons as far as the eyes can see.
Image: Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive/Xbox Game Studios

Improvement: Banner

Requirements: 100 stone, 100 prismarine, 25 gold

Before you begin recruiting more mobs, you’re going to need to increase your banner. This improvement adds +15 mobs that can rally with your hero, and each additional improvement you build adds +15 on top. Having one at first will be enough, but if you have the resources to spare, the more the merrier.

This particular naming in Minecraft Legends can be quite confusing. In short, increasing your banner capacity allows for more people in your party, so to speak. This means rallying your spawn mobs, and then recruiting some animals or other units along the way. If you want to increase how many mobs you can spawn, however, you’ll need the following improvement.

Improvement: Flames of Creation

Requirements: 200 stone, 200 prismarine, 25 gold

Having as many units helping you as possible is key, and this improvement increases how many mobs you can summon at a time. Each additional improvement that you build is going to increase it by four mobs at a time.

As mentioned, this improvement pairs nicely with the banner improvement. Having just one Flames of Creation will be enough at first, but here’s my advice: Once you gain access to special units (creepers, skeletons, and so on), you’ll want to build some more improvements of this type to allocate for them.

Improvement: Wake the Firsts

Requirements: 100 stone, 100 prismarine

This upgrade is crucial. Once you’ve gotten yourself a sizable pool of units and resource types to pull from, it’s nice to wake the firsts. These are golems that you can find around the map, which require a considerable amount of gold to activate them.

That being said, they’re some of the most powerful units in Minecraft Legends. They’re going to take one slot of your banner units, and if they die, you can rally them back from the closest village, or the Well of Fate.

Others like Expert Carpentry are useful, but you don’t really have to prioritize it over others, especially during the first few hours into the campaign. You’ll have plenty of resources to defend villages during nocturne attacks for the beginning few in-game days anyway, as the sieges won’t be too complex to withstand.

The same applies to Abundant Allays. You can keep this on the lower end of your list, as it’s focused on building first and foremost. Being able to gather more resources at a time is a useful mechanic, but once more, you won’t need to worry about speed too much until you’re in the mid to late points of the campaign. If anything, deploy several gather allays instead of just one around the same area. This is going to speed up the process and, once they’re all done, they’ll automatically return to you to use them again.

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