The Last of Us PC port will no longer spontaneously soak its characters

Alas, the work of game development involves fixing all bugs, including the ones that are very funny. The recent PC port of The Last of Us Part 1 had a great one, too — perhaps the only amusing thing about a very bungled PC release.

As spotted by users on The Last of Us subreddit, the strange bug would cause the game’s character models to spontaneously appear wet in the middle of the game. This didn’t appear to have any real impact on the gameplay; it was merely a hilarious goof.

Well, you can kiss that goof goodbye: Naughty Dog has “fixed” it in a recent patch for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, reducing the number of funny jokes to the appropriate amount (Zero).

A more substantial fix mentioned in the patch notes is “updated texture streaming to reduce CPU usage,” which sounds like it’s meant to address one of the bigger problems noticed by Digital Foundry, where the game’s performance would take a nose dive as it loaded in new environments.

Let us mourn the loss of a funny bug, and bid good riddance to a lousy one.

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