Your Average Bear combines Metal Gear Solid and Untitled Goose Game

I’m a simple gamer with humble tastes. If I see a game about a big friendly bear, I click. And if that game is completely free, and allows me to use that bear as a vessel to cause chaos? I’m absolutely on board. Your Average Bear is made by students at the University of Utah as part of a game design capstone course, and it stands out thanks to the clever combination of stealth tactics (which would make Solid Snake proud) and a dedicated roar button (which terrifies campers and makes me feel strong).

Your Average Bear boasts the following feature list:

A comedic take on the stealth genre

Unique bear- and nature-themed abilities

Unique Bear- and nature-themed food delivery app (Just 1)

A fun, low-poly, simplified art style


Sure enough, the bear is the star of the show. He’s pleasingly pudgy, and it’s a joy just to watch him gently jog around the campgrounds. If the bear runs into a normal camper, they’ll cower in fear, and I can stand over them and hit my roar button in order to establish dominance. The other animals in the park, impressed by my size and speed, have asked me to get them some snacks of choice. I’m the Ubear Eats of the neighborhood!

The problem is those pesky rangers; they have sleep darts and would prefer I leave the humans well enough alone. It’s a grudge match that dates back to the primordial bear ancestor Yogi Bear, and I need to use a selection of tools to stop them. I can chuck rocks at beehives, throw banana peels, and hide in plain sight by artfully standing still while flourishing some tree branches. Ezio Auditore whomst? I only support Your Average Bear’s stealth skills.

This is a teeny-tiny game, but it’s free, and the developer is accepting feedback for the final product. If you like Untitled Goose Game, or just causing problems for park rangers, Your Average Bear is definitely worth a spin.

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